About us

SEOKitten - as a new tool for the websites optimization

SEOKitten is a brand new online tool which has been created with a view to improving your rank in a search engine. Google search engine is growing in power by developing new algorithms, which in turn, make your efforts to improve your website's ranking more difficult.

However, SEOKitten has decided to face the situation by delivering reports concerning the weaknesses and strengths of your website. The online tool will make research on the key website's parameters and will specify to what degree your website is Google friendly. The information provided by SEOKitten is multidimensional as the tool looks at your website from many different angles.

First and foremost, SEOKitten will provide you with the info about your domain. For instance, you will be informed about the name of your domain, its age, PageRank and AlexaRank parameters. Furthermore, you will get to know about the content body of your site. You will see what the ratio between text and HTML is, how many headers are used, what the number of AltTags is. Interestingly, the number of CSS and HTML errors will be demonstrated to you. Additionally, you will learn how long the loading time of a given website element is. It is necessary to add that you will be informed about the number of incoming backlinks which are divided into do-follow and no-follow. Besides, detailed info about headers will be also given to you. Most importantly, the details on the social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest will give you a picture of how well your website is doing there.

Obviously, the Internet is a powerful promotional tool, therefore, knowing the mechanisms that can help you promote your website will be to your benefit. SEOKitten is an ideal tool for web designers, SEO experts and marketing specialists who want to improve the website’s positioning in the search engine results. The report made by SEOKitten will give them a pretty good idea what things have to be modified in order to achieve their aim – popularize a website on the Internet. SEOKitten is the first online tool that takes such a broad view at a website by investigating it in the same way as Google's search engine robots.